Forum Program

Year Date Time Category Session Place
202002-0914:00~15:30Keynote SessionSpecial Speech & Peace Leaders’ DialogueBuilding the Global-local Network for PeaceGrand Ballroom
202002-0915:30~18:30Parallel SessionParallel Session 1Strategies for Promoting Smart Cities in Gangwon Province and Inter-Korean CooperationPyeongChang 1+2
202002-0915:30~17:00Special SessionSpecial Dialogue on the 70-year-old Korean WarCessation of the War and Korea’s Peace SystemConcert Hall
202002-0917:00~18:30Special SessionUN 75+ & UN 75th Commemorative CampaignGlobal High-profile Dialogue on UN75Concert Hall
202002-0916:00~18:00Parallel SessionParallel Session 2PyeongChang Olympic Legacy and Sports & Tourism Development InitiativeAuditorium
202002-1009:00~10:30Plenary SessionPeace Economy 1-1Connecting the East Sea Line and Eurasia Railway: Creating the New Economy of KoreaGrand Ballroom
202002-1010:30~12:00Plenary SessionPeace SportsOlympic Truce and Winter Youth Olympic Games Gangwon 2024: Expanding the Legacy of the PyeongChang 2018Concert Hall
202002-1010:30~12:30Parallel SessionParallel Session 4Importance of East Coast on the Korean Peninsula with Migratory BirdsPyeongChang 3
202002-1011:00~12:30Plenary SessionPeace Economy 1-2Wonsan-Kalma, Inter-Korean Tourism Development for Geumgangsan MountainGrand Ballroom
202002-1011:00~12:30Parallel SessionParallel Session 3UN 2020 Campaign on UN 75PyeongChang 1+2
202002-1013:30~15:00Plenary SessionDMZ Peace Zone 3-1Search for Goseong UN Peace City and Transition to an Integral FutureGrand Ballroom
202002-1013:30~15:00Plenary SessionUN SDGs 4-1Pyeongchang Agenda for Peace 2030: Peace & SDG CampaignConcert Hall
202002-1013:30~14:30Parallel SessionParallel Session 5Preservation and Utilization of Olympic Legacy : Documentation of PyeongChang Winter OlympicsPyeongChang 1+2
202002-1013:30~14:30Parallel SessionParallel Session 6FHI360 Presents: Sports DiplomacyPyeongChang 3
202002-1015:00~16:30Parallel SessionParallel Session 8To Build up a Peace Road from Kaesong to Mt. Kumgang to PyongyangPyeongChang 3
202002-1015:00~16:30Parallel SessionParallel Sessions 9Us, Designing for the Future: The Media, Connects the past, present and future and Leads to peace.Daegwallyeong 2
202002-1015:00~16:30Parallel SessionParallel Sessions 7The Establishment of Peace Civilization & the Implementation on the Peace Spirit of East AsiaPyeongChang 1+2
202002-1015:30~17:00Plenary SessionDMZ Peace Zone 3-2DMZ Peace Zone and Prospect for UNESCO World Heritage ListedGrand Ballroom
202002-1017:00~18:30Special SessionSpecial Session 2Public Diplomacy for the Establishment of a Peace Regime on the Korean PeninsulaConcert Hall
202002-1017:00~18:30Parallel SessionParallel Session 10Building Inclusive Partnership for Sustainable Peace CooperationPyeongChang 1+2
202002-1017:00~18:30Parallel SessionParallel Session 11Campaigns on SDGs - Stand Together Now 2020!PyeongChang 3
202002-1109:00~10:30Wrap-up SessionPPF 2020 Wrap-up SessionPPF 2020, Leveraging for Sustainable Peace in KoreaGrand Ballroom