Online DMZ Tour

A local media, G1 has captured “DMZ Stories” in video under the 4 themes combining the hidden stories and meaning be - hind the DMZ. You can visit the DMZ online through the PyeongChang Peace Forum and discover a new world.
Serenade of Peace Sung at the Ferocious Battlefield : Bimok (Hwacheon), Marilyn Monroe (Inje) Cheorwon Korean Workers’ Party Headquarters (Cheorwon)
The Record of Travels to Find Legacies of Division in Gangwon Province : Seungilgyo Bridge (Cheorwon), Hapchukgyo Bridge (Goseong) Castle at Hwa-jinpo (Goseong)
The Legends of the Unreachable Land, the DMZ : Jars full of art pieces of the artist Park Soogeun (Yanggu), Fish with red eyes (Hwacheon), Love of a crane (Cheorwon)
Peace that Started Here : almons in Namgang River (Goseong), Peace Trail 1 (Goseong) Peace Trail 2 (Gheorwon)