Forum Program

Year Date Time Category Session Place
202102-0710:00~11:30Parallel SessionParallel Session 01Food Security on the Korean Peninsula and North KoreaPyeongChang 1+2
202102-0710:00~11:30Parallel SessionParallel Session 02The Right to Peace and Peaceful CooperationPyeongChang 3
202102-0710:00~12:00Youth SessionYouth Session 01Final of the Challenge 1Luge Hall
202102-0713:30~15:00Special SpeechOpening Ceremony & Special SpeechOpening Ceremony & Special Speech : Taking Up Challenges and Promoting Cooperation for Establishing Sustainable PeaceGrand Ballroom
202102-0715:30~17:00Special SessionSpecial Session 01The way of the Korean Peninsula toward Peace and UnificationGrand Ballroom
202102-0715:30~17:00Plenary SessionSports Session 01The Strategies for Successfully Hosting the Gangwon 2024 Winter Youth Olympic Games (Gangwon 2024)Auditorium
202102-0715:30~18:00Parallel SessionParallel Session 03Today’s North & South Korea and the way to peace-cooperation: Issue today in North-South cooperation for peacePyeongChang 1+2
202102-0715:30~17:30Parallel SessionParallel Session 04From the Remnants of War to the Symbols of Peace - Korea’s Demilitarized Zone and Japan’s Pacifist ConstitutionPyeongChang 3
202102-0715:30~17:30Youth SessionYouth Session 02Final of the Challenge 2Luge Hall
202102-0809:00~10:00Keynote SessionKeynote SessionInclusive Cooperation for Peace in the post-COVID-19 EraOnline
202102-0809:00~11:30Parallel SessionParallel Session 16 (Closed Session)Today’s North & South Korea and the way to peace-cooperation: The future of inter-Korean cooperation in Gandwon-doPyeongChang Ramada Hotel Glory Hall
202102-0810:00~11:30Plenary SessionEconomy Session 01Resumption of Geungangsan Tour in the View of the Third PartyGrand Ballroom
202102-0810:00~11:30Plenary SessionUN SDGs 01Peace Agenda 2045 - Abolish War and Nuclear WeaponsAuditorium
202102-0810:00~11:30Youth SessionYouth Session 03Peace Culture for YouthPyeongChang 1+2
202102-0810:00~11:30Parallel SessionParallel Session 05Peace Serving DiplomacyPyeongChang 3
202102-0810:00~11:30Parallel SessionParallel Session 06Vision and Challenges Ecological Transformation on the Korean PeninsulaLuge Hall
202102-0813:00~13:30Special SessionSpecial Session 02From PyeongChang 2018 to Gangwon 2024Grand Ballroom
202102-0813:00~14:30Plenary SessionSports Session 02Enhancing Peace through Sports: Examples of Countries with Past or Current Conflicts such as Germany, Ireland, and South KoreaAuditorium
202102-0813:00~14:30Parallel SessionParallel Session 07Peace on the Korean Peninsula and UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) : Role of YouthPyeongChang 1+2
202102-0813:00~14:30Parallel SessionParallel Session 09Public Diplomacy for PeaceLuge Hall
202102-0813:00~15:30Parallel SessionParallel Session 17 (Closed Session)Today’s North & South Korea and the way to peace-cooperation: Open up the gate for inter-Korean exchange through livestock cooperationPyeongChang Ramada Hotel Glory Hall
202102-0814:30~16:00Plenary SessionEconomy Session 02The Inter-Korean Peace Train for Beijing 2022, Departing from the PyeongChang International StationGrand Ballroom
202102-0815:00~16:30Plenary SessionDMZ Peace Zone Session 02Gosung DMZ Peace ZoneAuditorium
202102-0815:00~16:30Parallel SessionParallel Session 10Global Civic Agenda for Peace and SDGs in 2021PyeongChang 1+2
202102-0815:00~16:30Parallel SessionParallel Session 11Gangwon 2024 Winter Youth Olympic Games & Sports sciencePyeongChang 3
202102-0815:00~16:30Parallel SessionParallel Session 12Imagining Gangwon Region for 2030 ? a North and South PerspectivesLuge Hall
202102-0816:30~18:30Plenary SessionDMZ Peace Zone Session 01New Climate Peace Regime and the Rights of DMZGrand Ballroom
202102-0817:00~18:30Special SessionSpecial Session 03Peace building through energy cooperation in conflict areas in an era of climate crisisAuditorium
202102-0817:00~18:30Parallel SessionParallel Session 13Global Univer-City Network across Regions in ConflictPyeongChang 1+2
202102-0817:00~18:30Parallel SessionParallel Session 14Peace on the Korean Peninsula, Role of ODA and Public DiplomacyPyeongChang 3
202102-0817:00~18:30Parallel SessionParallel Session 15The possibility of eco-peace tourism in the South & North Gangwon Province through birds-watchingLuge Hall
202102-0909:00~10:30Plenary SessionUN SDGs 02 (Online)Challenges and Opportunities for SDG16 to enhance inclusive response and resilience against COVID19Auditorium
202102-0909:30~10:30Wrap-up SessionWrap-up SessionWrap-Up SessionGrand Ballroom
202102-0812:00~13:30Parallel SessionParallel Session 18 (Closed Session)Asian Civic Agenda on Reace and SDGs in 2021Online
202102-0910:30~11:30Plenary SessionTalk ConcertUtilization plan to peaful hosting Gangwon 2024Grand Ballroom