Forum Program

Plenary Session
UN SDGs Session 2
Global Challenges and State of Peace
2022. 02. 23.17:00 - 18:30
Korean, English 
The Session is to address the current state of global peace in order to identify challenges and opportunities for international peace movement. Specially the progress on the UN Secretary General’s agenda for disarmament (2018) will be reviewed together with the global monitoring reports on issues related to peace and security such as the SIPRI Yearbook, Global Peace Index 2021, Positive Peace Report 2020 and Ecological Threat Repot 2021 by Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP).. The needs and strategies to link those peace agenda to the SDGs will be also discussed by panelists.

The Session is organized in partnership with the UN Secretary General office, Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) and Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP)
Organization Information
The Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP) is a non-governmental independent global research organization about peace from an interdisciplinary approach in order to create a paradigm shift in the way the world thinks about peace. IEP has developed global and national indices, calculating the economic cost of violence, analysing country level risk and fragility, and understanding Positive Peace. Various peace-related issues have been covered by the global reports such as Global Peace Index, Positive Peace Report, Ecological Threat Report, Global Terrorism Index, Economic Value of Peace, etc. It is headquartered in Sydney with 5 offices in the world (New York, Brussels, Harare, Mexico City and the Hague), and our research achieves over 20 billion media impressions across 150 countries each year. It was founded by IT entrepreneur and philanthropist Steve Killelea in 2007.

Parliamentarians for Nuclear Non-proliferation and Disarmament (PNND) is a non-partisan forum for parliamentarians nationally and internationally to share resources and information, develop cooperative strategies and engage in nuclear nonproliferation and disarmament issues, initiatives and arenas. PNND has participated in the first PyeongChang Peace Forum in 2019 and since then, has been conducting various campaigns on peace and denuclearization on the Korean peninsula and the UN SDGs. PNND has over 700 parliamentary members from 75 countries. PNND has the head office in Prague, Czech Republic with outreach offices in Basel, Switzerland, and New York and London.