Forum Program

Plenary Session
Sports Session 1
Conflict Resolution through Sports Exchanges and Peace on the Korean Peninsula
2022. 02. 22.15:30 - 17:00
PyeongChang 1+2
Korean, English 
This session will study peace processes of countries with conflicts and the role of sports, aiming to ensure that Gangwon 2024 carries on the peace legacy from PyeongChang 2018 and serves as a ‘Peace Olympics,’ thereby contributing to world peace. Speakers will address various peace processes conducted in Northern Ireland where conflicts and violence had prevailed throughout the 20th Century. The peace process of Northern Ireland and that of the Korean Peninsula will be analyzed in comparison for inter-Korean peace policies. Sports diplomacy and sports exchanges will be introduced as powerful strategies for resolving conflicts in international society. The example of Ukraine will also be reviewed as the country faces mounting military tension due to a fierce rivalry between great powers.

Ushering into a new Cold War era where ferocious competitions between the U.S and China are accelerating, we can utilize analysis and review on the peace process propelled by sports exchanges as a basis for strategies to attain mutual prosperity and build peace on the Korean Peninsula.
South and North Korea Sports Exchange Association (SNKS)
Organization Information
In May 2006, South Korea and North Korea signed an inter-Korean sports exchange agreement in PyeongChang to promote regular sports matches for the first time in history. The signing of the agreement gave birth to the South and North Korea Sports Exchange Association. Having been incorporated on July 25, 2006 with the approval of the Minister of the Ministry of Unification, this non-profit organization was designated as an institution of a public character by the Ministry of Finance.
Since 2005, the main business of South and North Korea Sports Exchange Association has been field training support for North Korean sports teams as well as provision of sports equipment and coaches. These projects aimed to help develop sports sectors in the South and the North in a balanced manner. For the last two decades, joint training of sports teams from the two Koreas and friendly matches between the two in the fields of soccer, marathon, table tennis, and archery have continued without cessation. One of the biggest achievements from such inter-Korean sports exchange projects is the Ari Sports Cup U-15 international football tournament which has become regular sports events. The tournament has continued for 22 times so far regardless of fluctuation in the inter-Korean relations. Whenever political tension heightened on the Korean Peninsula, the Ari Sports Cup U-15 international football tournament played a bridging role between the two Koreas, which often led to opportunities for dialogues between the two governments. One of the good examples is the participation of the North Korean team and high level officials from North Korea at the 17th Asian Games Incheon 2014. The Ari Sports Cup also set a tone for further inter-Korean exchanges that led to participation of athletes, a cheering squad and high level officials from North Korea at PyeongChang 2018, thereby contributing to inter-Korean peace.