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Plenary Session
Economy Session 2
Peace comes with reconnecting Trans Korean Railway
2022. 02. 23.15:00 - 16:30
Grand Ballroom
Korean, English 
In December 2018, South and North Korea started a joint survey about the Trans Korean Railway and held a groundbreaking ceremony of railway reconnection. In June 2018, with the consent of North Korea, Korean railways joined the Organization for the Cooperation of Railways (OSJD) to make it possible to set the institutional foundation for Korean railways to operate trains through the Eurasian continent.

South and North Korea should implement Trans Korean railway reconnection project as soon as possible, mutually recognizing that "Peace comes with reconnecting Trans Korean Railway.", and it can be a stepping stone for bringing peace to the Korean Peninsula. South and North Korea, as the members of the OSJD, should renovate existing railway routes to operate trains from Korea to Beijing and Moscow. Humanitarian support for North Korean people, reunions of separated families, sports and culture exchanges and the South-North Korean summits can be implemented by using Trans Korean railway.

The sustainability of South and North Korea’s cooperation can be guaranteed by reopening Trans Korean Railway to secure international mobility. It will accelerate the restoration of connection between Korean Peninsula and Northeast Asia, and will be the cornerstone for the Korean Peninsula"s new economic initiative and peace.

This session covers the expected effects and specific methods of connecting the Trans Korean Railway.
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