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Partner Session 3
Partner Session 3
Global Civil Society Dialogue on Our Common Agenda(OCA) Report, SDGs and Peace
2022. 02. 22.15:30 - 17:00
PyeongChang 3
Korean, English 
Our Common Agenda (OCA) Report by the UN Secretary General submitted to the UN General Assembly in Sept. 2021 presents new challenges and opportunities for global community to engage in various global issues which are interconnected and mutually reinforcing.
The OCA Repot is the main follow-up action plan to the UN Declaration on the Commemoration of the UN+75 in 2020 which has strong implications and impact on the SDGs and peace globally and locally. The session is to seek ways and means of engagement for multi-stakeholder partnerships on OCA Report and SDGs in terms of peace in line with the PyeongChang Message for Peace 2020 which include the outcome of the discussion on the UN+75 during the PyeongChang Peace Forum 2020.
The Session is to be organized in partnership with the Coalition for the UN We Need (C4UN), CoNGO, CIVICUS and A4SD.
Coalition for the UN We Need(C4UN)
Organization Information
Coalition for the UN We Need (C4UN) is a global initiative and network of civil society actors and organizations for advocacy to transform the UN to be more effective and responsive to the global challenges such as climate, inequality, violence as well as civic space. C4UN has played the role of bringing the voices of peoples and civil society from all over the world and support the UN reform initiatives as a way to strengthen people-centered multilateralism. It was formed in 2020 for the global campaign on the 75th anniversary of the UN Foundation. It was formerly known as the UN 2020: Civil Society Partnerships for the UN We Need.