Forum Program

Special Session 1
Special Agenda Session 1
The Gangwon Winter Youth Olympic Games and Inter-Korean Peace Promotion Measures
2022. 02. 22.17:30 - 19:00
Korean, English 
This session will analyze the expected effects of having both Gangwon Province of South Korea and that of North Korea co-host Gangwon 2024. It will also examine possible ways to promote peace on the Korean Peninsula in various aspects. The audience of this session can look forward to a presentation on peace diplomacy example cases where a host of arbitration activities were carried out in the two Koreas for a long period of time. The presentation will shed light on the priority of many cooperative projects designed to advance peace on the Korean Peninsula, especially in a new Cold War era. It will also identify action items that can be prepared and implemented at this point.

The session will look into cooperation example cases of Germany as the country came up with cooperative project ideas in various forms such as sports and cultural exchanges and persistently carried them out to overcome division and achieve reunification. It will also consider utilization of sports diplomacy to establish peace in Ukraine that is on the brink of becoming a victim of a proxy war between strong powers.

One of the important key agendas of the session is to propose a future direction for inter-Korean cooperative projects. On many occasions where the tension on the Korean Peninsula was heightened, private organizations and local governments helped bring peace on the Korean Peninsula by successfully initiating inter-Korean sports matches. In fact, 22 inter-Korean sports matches have been arranged for the past 15 years. These successful examples will be taken into consideration when speakers suggest a future direction of inter-Korean cooperation projects. Since 2006, South-North Sports Exchange Association has held several sports exchange events between North Korean sports teams and South Korean local governments including Gwangyang-si (city) in Jeollanam-do (province), Jeju-si, Suwon-si, Yeoncheon-gun (county), Gangwon-do, Chuncheon-si, Jeonju-si, and Iksan-si, contributing to peace on the Korean Peninsula. These examples are concrete evidence as to why inter-Korean exchanges at the local governmental level or private organizational level are important and necessary.