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Inter-Gangwon Inauguration Ceremony
GLOBAL INTER GANGWON cooperation network (GIG) launching Ceremony
Inter-Gangwon & the World
2022. 02. 22.15:30 - 17:00
Korean, English 
If peace can begin on the Korean Peninsula, the last remaining conflict zone in the world, and in Gangwon-do, the only divided province, the Korean Peninsula will be able to shed a great light on world peace. The Korean Peninsula will change from a zone of division to a zone of peace, and the messages of conflict that have been sent to the world will be transformed into a message of peace. In addition to the lessons of the remarkable economic miracle achieved in a short period of time, the Korean Peninsula will now teach the world a moving lesson of peace. What happens between North and South Gangwon Province (Inter-Gangwon) gives decisive momentum to world peace. The World Inter Gangwon Cooperation Committee is a Gangwon-led peace initiative that connects Gangwon-do between South and North Korea and the mainstream society of the world. With this meaning, representatives of participating countries are invited to hold a historic inauguration ceremony and seminar at the Pyeongchang Peace Forum.
GLOBAL INTER GANGWON cooperation network(GIG)
Organization Information
In order to contribute to peace on the Korean Peninsula and the world, the Global Inter-Gangwon Cooperation Committee was established to promote cooperation and exchanges at the public diplomacy level between South and North Gangwon Province, which remains the only divided province on the Korean Peninsula, It is headquartered in Gangwon-do, Korea, and is currently being prepared with interest by the mainstream society in about 15 countries. It plans to have branches in every country that is a member of the United Nations.