Forum Program

Youth/MZ Session 3
Youth/MZ Session 3
Youth and Peace
2022. 02. 23.13:00 - 14:30
PyeongChang 3
This session will cover the significance and the purpose of the first youth council organized for the
PyeongChang Peace Forum as well as 5 key agendas of the forum which are the economy, sports, the DMZ
Peace Zone, the UN SDGs and peace public diplomacy. Under these themes, the members of the council
will bring their youth perspectives to discussions and proposals and each team will present ideas in turn.
Young participants will upload diverse opinions on the forum SNS and the members of the council will lay
out ideas that can contribute to the future development of the PyeongChang Peace Forum.
Gen. MZ Committee (APCD / A PeaCe Developer)
Organization Information
The first youth council organized for the PyeongChang Peace Forum will be divided into 5 teams to cover
5 key agendas which are ‘Economy, Sports, DMZ Peace Zone and UN SDGs and Peace Public Diplomacy.’
Based on their observations and activities at the PyeongChang Peace Forum, these teams will discuss and
share proposals and ideas that can help the forum develop further.
The first Gen. MZ Committee for the PyeongChang Peace Forum named itself APCD. When naming, the
youth council took the first four English alphabets, which are ABCD. Then, the alphabet ‘B’ was omitted and
was replaced by ‘P.’ The logic behind it was that the shape of ‘B’ can symbolize a divided country as it looks
like a horizontally-divided oval while the shape of ‘P’ can be considered to represent oneness. In addition,
the alphabet P and C can be found in the word ‘peace,’ thus the name APCD. It also is the initials of ‘A PeaCe
Developer.’ APCD committee is composed of 23 members including one chair and two vice-chairs elected
by all committee members.