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Youth/MZ Session 4
Youth/MZ Session 4
Youth Agenda for Peace 2030
2022. 02. 23.15:00 - 16:30
PyeongChang 3
Korean, English 
The Session is to share the global agenda and initiatives by various youth organizations and networks in order to build stronger solidarity among youth groups on peace and SDGs. Two youth groups of PyeongChang peace challenge programs will present their activities and view on issues related to peace on the Korean peninsula and SDGs. Two international youth networks on the UN Our Common Agenda and the SDGs will also present their work and perspective on the global agenda from peace point of view as youth.
The possibility of organizing a global youth peace Olympiad among peacemakers in conjunction with the PyeongChang 2024 Winter Youth Olympics(19 Jan. to 2 Feb. 2024) will be also discussed.
The Session is organized by PyeongChang 2021 Global Youth Peace Ambassador (YPAs).
PyeongChang Youth Peace Ambassador(YPA)
Organization Information
PyeongChang 2021 Youth Peace Ambassador (YPAs) is a network of the 10 winners (team or individual) of the first Youth Peace Challenge (YPC) organized as a way to promote youth participation in the PyeongChang Peace Forum (PPF) which started in 2019 on the first anniversary of the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympic games. The YPAs were appointed to promote the PyeongChang Peace Spirit internationally with one year mandate till the PPF-4. The YPA participated in the YPC 2022 as the panel of judges.