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Partner Session 9
Partner Session 9
Korea-US peace strategy online session
2022. 02. 23.10:00 - 11:30
Korean, English 
The current ROK-U.S. alliance is now developing into a comprehensive alliance that cooperates at the global level beyond the meaning of an alliance for peace on the Korean Peninsula. And there is no change in the fact that maintaining peace on the Korean Peninsula is the most important task of the ROK-U.S. alliance.
In addition, as the only divided country on the planet, the policy to preserve peace inevitably varies depending on various conditions such as inter-Korean relations and the international situation. Even in this variable situation, it should be clarified that it is ultimately Korea that should lead the inter-Korean relations around the Korean Peninsula.
In this session, two South Korean experts and three former and current U.S. congressmen discuss the direction of the ROK-U.S. alliance on topics such as whether the declaration of an end to the war will be an important starting point for negotiations on denuclearization and establishment of a lasting peace regime.
The session will serve as an opportunity to enhance understanding of mutual policy directions through discussions between experts in politics, diplomacy, security, and national defense between South Korea and the U.S., seek new ways to cooperate to strengthen future-oriented bilateral relations and continue communication.

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