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Official Program
Keynote Speech
Peaceful Economic Development on the Korean Peninsula
2022. 02. 22.14:30 - 16:00
Grand Ballroom
Korean, English 
The Korean Peninsula, the world"s only divided country, has a weakness of having to pay a large potential crisis cost as well as the direct cost of security. Accordingly, ending the war and establishing peace on the Korean Peninsula has become an essential element for greater performance and development in the future as well as a matter of safety. In particular, peace on the Korean Peninsula is a new growth engine and a stepping stone for prosperity in Korea, and will be the surest example of sharing the value of peace in Asia and the whole world. In the keynote speech, we examine how the world and the Korean Peninsula should prepare to build practical and permanent peace and how to expand the geopolitical value of this region, and talk about the need for continuous solidarity and cooperation between the peninsula and the world.